Cues for Success

Make a conscious effort to not force your releve in second position. Keep the weight over the five toes as you do when in first position. However, when the heels are not touching in second position we forget and rise even higher placing unnecessary stress on the feet and calves. Tip 1: Keep weight over …

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Cues for Success- Isometric with Arms

45-50 minute classes are becoming more popular in clubs and studio’s. We love to mix up the arm work within the Isometric block, it adds more intensity to your lower body which is happily received. A win, win situation to keep your class challenging in less time. Enjoy! Tracey

Shoulder Stabilization and Rhythm in the Isometric Section

Let’s start to think of the barre as bio feedback for shoulder stabilization and helping your class connect to the core for a stronger abdominal contraction. As you depress your scapular,contract the abdominals and lift the pelvic floor up. At all times you should feel your abdominals consistently contract. Imagine you have small pockets situated …

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