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Tracey Mallett is a world-renowned fitness and wellness expert, best-selling author of Sexy in 6 and Super Fit Mama, and the creator of the hugely popular workout, bootybarre and bbarreless.

Her infectious personality, positive energy and well-choreographed workouts have allowed her to work in roles spanning from television host to author, to personal trainer and creator of a best-selling line of Pilates, dance and fitness-based DVDs.

Having sold over two million units to date, Mallett has solidified her reputation as an International Fitness and Wellness Expert. She has been a fitness professional for over 25 years and prides herself on being an innovator in the Pilates and fitness industry. Tracey latest business venture is a new fitness app called PilatesBarreOndemand, this will enable people to her workouts on the go, anywhere.

Mallett owns a Pilates, barre and Physical Therapy studio in Los Angeles called ATP Training, and is currently certifying trainers worldwide in bootybarre and bbarreless technique, while teaching her Athletic Reformer Flow Workshops. She also boasts the following certifications:

  • Certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of American (AFAA)
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist with the National Association of Sports Nutrition (NASN)
  • BASI Certified Pilates Instructor, member of Pilates Method Alliance
  • Level 1 Gyrotonic Instructor
  • Education provider for 24 Hour Fitness, Good Life Heath Clubs (Australia), Midtown Athletic Clubs, Virgin Active UK/Italy/Asia and AASFP in China

Mallett is a regular contributor to health and fitness platforms, and delivers carefully crafted workouts on Pilates Anytime and has appeared in dozens of publications including Prevention, Shape, Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health, the Los Angeles Times, Pilates Style and Self. She also appears regularly on TV on shows from Good Morning New York and The Style Network for E! Entertainment, to Access Hollywood, KTLA’s Morning Show, POPSUGAR, KABC and many others.

She even had the honor of appearing on Ellen, joining First Lady Michelle Obama, to develop an exercise routine for a group of school children as part of the “Let’s Move campaign. This was a career highlight for Mallet as one of her passions in life is to find ways for kids to be active, combating childhood obesity through movement and healthy nutrition.

On a personal level, Tracey is also a fitness influencer on social media with a combined reach on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook that reaches over a quarter of a million followers.

Born in the United Kingdom, Mallett began studying dance at the age of three and was later accepted at London’s Premier Theatre Arts School, The Italia Conti. After successfully completing her studies, she embarked on a career of musical theater, acting and dancing – mostly ballet and jazz– across Europe, and landed in the United States in 1996. As a former professional dancer, Mallett also specializes in pre- and postnatal fitness and has presented her workshops at many major professional Pilates & fitness conferences domestically and internationally.

Mallett knows the impact health and a positive mindset can have on the body. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor that would change her life. She was able to get treatment and recover in record time. The diagnosis and treatment had a huge impact on her, and she credits her family, positivity and being in great shape as the factors that helped her overcome it.

Mallett currently resides in Pasadena, California with her husband and their two amazing children Amber and Ty.

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