Kelsey’s Winter Cold Killing Elixir

Kelsey’s secret weapon to fighting off the common cold during chilly winter months is an elixir she has developed over the past couple years. The blend of natural ingredients is high in antioxidants and antibacterial agents that make for a power-packed punch to help boost her immune system, keeping the dreaded cold at bay.   […]

Baked Cinnamon Apples Recipe

Yes, we all love deserts ?? and we don’t want to interfere with all the hard work we do at the barre. So here’s the perfect solution with these fabulous baked cinnamon apples.   Of course it’s important to keep your added sugars to a minimum. And today’s recipe has just a *little bit* of […]

bootybarre and Crossfit

bootybarre has gained popularity among our Crossfit instructors at The Fitness Center at South Shore Harbour here in League City, Texas. I’ve noticed my Crossfit clients enjoy how bootybarre compliments their current workouts. I recently set out to find from two Crossfit instructors what brings them to bootybarre…and what keeps them coming back week after […]

Cues For success –Flexibility Section

Grand battement in front Angle slightly towards the barre and stand in first position, resting arm slightly forward of torso. Imagine a pair of knitting needles between ribs and hips so you maintain alignment and you don’t hike the hips when kicking leg. Use the floor for resistance when you are moving from front to back […]

Cues For Success-Isometric Section

Plies/Grande Plies/Passe Plies Make sure your students are keeping the weight on the ball of the foot and not too high on their releve. Also, the releve stays at the same height the entire time, be careful not increase the releve as you bend the knees. Keeping your heels actively squeezing is important for adductor […]

Cues For Success-Facing the Barre

T-Arabesque There are three variations to stand at the barre for T-Arabesque and depending on the population/level of your class will dictate to what variation you will pick. Most teachers will go for the most advanced move as this is what you see mostly in social media and videos. However, to do this correctly is […]

Cues For Success-Cardio Interval

Modified Cardio Push-up to Squat at the barre (Push-Up with Squat) This is a great cardio exercise for a beginner class.  It can slowly progress to a more intermediate/advanced exercise. Start by facing the barre and having them place the palms on the barre shoulder width apart. The palms will help facilitated shoulder stabilization, which […]

5 Tips for Promoting Yourself

It’s no secret that social media has become a vital role in promoting yourself, giving us the ability to share our own unique voice with our followers and clients. It is more than just having a Facebook page now to promote your business, but investing the time to organize your content and create eye-catching posts. Here […]